Seeding In Buffalo Lawns

When Buffalo Lawns Seed

Buffalo lawn produces a rather unusual seed head that can be confusing for many people who often aren’t sure what they are seeing, I’ve often had people ask me to identify the weeds that have suddenly appeared all over their Buffalo lawn surface, when in fact the Buffalo grass is simply seeding.

Identifying Buffalo Seed

Buffalo seed will appear on a very thick stem which will rise above the lawn surface by a few centimetres, the tip of the stalk will become pointy with the tiny seeds themselves sitting embedded on the top part of the stalk. A closer inspection will reveal the seeds are actually attached to what is like a green camouflaged flower.

The seed stalks on Buffalo lawn are thick as they are in proportion to the very thick runners (stolons) of the Buffalo itself, and when picked the seed stalks will snap off from their base.

Mowing A Seeding Buffalo Lawn

Lawn mowing a Buffalo lawn in seed can often become a laborious task, this is because the seed of the Buffalo and their stalks are extremely heavy compared to normal grass clippings, and a catcher full of Buffalo seed heads will often become twice of three times heavier than a normal mowing session.

Can The Seed Be Used To Re-seed A New Lawn

The answer here is a straight out “No”. Buffalo grass is notoriously bad at propagating from seed. In fact, the turf farmers who grow buffalo grass for a living – do not grow from seed – but rather leave thin strips of the turf behind as the lawn is being harvested – from which the next crop of Buffalo grass will then grow.

Some turf breeders have managed to develop new strains of Buffalo grass from selective seed batches, but this too is extremely difficult, and can take years of work to accomplish.

If the homeowner is wanting to establish a new Buffalo lawn at low cost – then the very best course of action is to obtain a smaller amount of buffalo lawn rolls from the turf farm, to break them up into smaller pieces, and to allow the new buffalo lawn to spread out. This way, the success rate of establishment is considerably higher, as well as the homeowner ensuring they are getting one of the better quality buffalo brands available today – eg: Palmetto.

Segmented Seeding

Buffalo lawns will often only seed in certain segments of the lawn at a time, this will usually follow the greatest areas of lawn health. As an example a lawn which is in both full sun and partial shade may find that it will seed in the area with the full sun while the shaded area will not seed. This is because the area in full sun will generally be healthier and have all the right conditions to produce good seed due to the increased photosynthesis the lawn receives.


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