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Prestige® Buffalo – Darkest Green Buffalo Year-Round

Looking for a beautiful, no-fuss home lawn that maintains a deep, dark green colour throughout the year? With its outstanding winter colour and its cold, drought and shade tolerance, it’s easy to see why Prestige® Buffalo is one of the most popular lawn types along Australia’s Eastern Seaboard.

Prestige® is bred from the world’s most popular Buffalo, Palmetto®. It delivers many of the same outstanding qualities that make Palmetto® such an advantageous turf for residential front and backyards.

The key benefits to a Prestige® Buffalo lawn include:

  • Prestige® turf delivers the darkest green lawn of all the Buffalo grasses
  • As a low thatch turf variety, Prestige® Buffalo doesn’t feel spongy underfoot
  • Its dense growth pattern delivers good wear tolerance and makes Prestige® great at out-competing weeds

Combined with its year-round dark green colour, Prestige® Buffalo’s notable cold, drought and shade tolerance has endeared it to countless homeowners. It’s one of the most popular residential turf varieties, especially along the East Coast – from Queensland to New South Wales and the ACT, down to Victoria. Along with Prestige®, we also highly recommend Palmetto® and Sapphire® Buffalo, depending on your location and other environmental factors.

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Prestige® Buffalo — Have the Darkest Green Lawn in the Street

If you have your heart set on a beautiful dark green lawn, Prestige® Buffalo is the ultimate choice. There are several important factors which make some lawn types more suitable than others, so it’s essential to take these into consideration before making a purchase.

As a lawn for front and backyards, Prestige® Buffalo is ideally suited to:

  • Shaded backyards – Prestige® grows well in both heavily shaded and full sun areas
  • Cold regions – As it maintains its colour throughout the year, it’s ideal for regions with cold winters
  • Ornamental gardens – The lush aesthetics and distinctive dark green colour make Prestige® Buffalo perfect for ornamental gardens

With its beautiful winter colour and its cold, drought and shade tolerance, Prestige® has so much to offer homeowners looking for the perfect home lawn. For further information about this popular Buffalo grass – including turf prices and installations – contact your nearest Prestige® supplier.

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