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Palmetto® Buffalo – The Low Maintenance Lawn

Palmetto® Buffalo requires less watering and less maintenance. If you’re looking for a home lawn that you can mow easily and fertilise only once or twice a year, Palmetto® Buffalo could be the perfect choice for you.

With an excellent colour throughout the year, including autumn and winter in most regions, and its ability to compete well with weeds once established, it’s easy to see why Palmetto® is so popular.

The key benefits to choosing Palmetto® Buffalo for your front and backyard include:

  • Palmetto® has a lovely soft leaf and feels wonderful underfoot  
  • With less upward leaf growth, Palmetto® needs less mowing than other Buffalo grasses
  • It produces very little seed head, a common irritant to people with allergies

The ability of Palmetto® Buffalo to stay green all year-round is another key benefit that has made it such a popular choice for home lawns across Australia. Palmetto® has a larger and deeper root system than most lawn turf varieties, including other Buffalo grasses. This makes it more drought-tolerant and water-efficient, helping it to stay greener for longer in dry conditions.

With good ground growth and high branches, Palmetto® provides solid wear recovery — though not as much as Sapphire® Buffalo or Kenda® Kikuyu, which are highly recommended for high wear areas, like backyards for big dogs or energetic kids who play a lot of sport.

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Palmetto® Buffalo — Ideal for Australian Family Homes

For a beautiful lawn with minimal fuss, Palmetto® Buffalo is an ideal turf variety in most parts of Australia, including much of Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia.

Its soft, fine leaf and wonderful colour throughout most of the year make for an inviting lawn, and its suitability for both full sun and shaded areas makes it an ideal choice for most family homes.

As a lawn turf, Palmetto® Buffalo is perfect for:

  • Family homes – Its soft, fine leaves make it great for family backyards where kids play
  • Dry areas – Palmetto®’s deep root system and drought-resistance help it stay green for longer in dry conditions
  • Busy homeowners – As a low-maintenance turf type which grows across the ground, it needs less mowing than other varieties

The world’s most popular Buffalo grass, there are many reasons why Palmetto® Buffalo could be perfect for your front and backyard. For further information about this attractive, hard-wearing turf – including turf prices and installations – contact your nearest Palmetto® supplier.

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