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Nara™ Native Zoysia – Australia’s most beautiful Native lawn

Looking for a beautiful, all-purpose native turf that’s well-suited to most areas across Australia? Nara™ Native Zoysia is likely to be perfect for you.

Nara™ is a low-maintenance turf that requires less mowing, less edging and less fertilising than other turf varieties, including Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu. It’s a great choice for busy homeowners who want a low-maintenance native lawn.

With outstanding drought tolerance and water efficiency, Nara™ is excellent for areas subject to frequent water restrictions.

The key benefits to choosing a Nara™ Native lawn include:

  • It’s more drought tolerant and water efficient than Buffalo and Couch varieties
  • It’s great at out-competing weeds and has a natural resistance to most bugs and insects
  • Nara™ provides a beautiful, finely textured lawn that’s wonderfully soft underfoot

Nara™ offers better wear-resistance in full sun and semi-shade than Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu varieties, though its slower growth means it also has a slower recovery rate.

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Nara™ Native Zoysia – Ideal for Aussie homes

For homeowners who want a low-maintenance, water-efficient lawn that looks beautiful throughout the year, this Zoysia variety is sure to tick all your boxes.

Nara™ is well suited to most areas of Australia and maintains an attractive winter colour. A proven all-purpose turf, it’s not surprising Nara™ is an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners.

Nara™ Native Zoysia is a great choice for:

  • Coastal and dry inland areas – Nara™ boasts excellent natural salt-tolerance
  • Sloping yards – Nara™ offers superb erosion control and is ideal for sloping sites
  • Homes with kids and dogs – Its outstanding wear-tolerance makes it a great choice for high traffic lawns

Nara™ Native Zoysia is ideal for homes with lots of trees or high fences that shade the lawn. It performs well in low-wear areas with up to 50% shade, and moderate to high-wear areas with up to 30% shade. It’s more shade-tolerant than Couch and Kikuyu, which only suit areas with 15-20% shade.


If you’d like to learn more about Nara™ Native turf – its suitability for your home, the best planting times, turf prices and installations – please contact your nearest Nara™ supplier.

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