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Kenda® Kikuyu – Pretty. Tough.

Kenda® Kikuyu is a fast-establishing turf, perfect for busy Aussie family homes. This Kikuyu variety is often used for parks, sports fields, race courses and other high foot traffic areas, so its strong wear tolerance makes it ideal for homes with kids and dogs.

Kenda® Kikuyu suits many regions across Australia, especially areas with cold winters. It maintains its attractive dark green colour year-round and is one of the most winter-active turf varieties.

The key features of a Kenda® lawn include:

  • Kenda® turf is beautiful, with a deep dark green colour and dense leaf
  • It delivers superior wear tolerance and has a fast recovery rate
  • It produces very little seed head, a common irritant to people with allergies

While its lack of seed makes it less invasive than other Kikuyu varieties, Kenda® has a fast growth rate – it’s best suited to yards and gardens with hard edges.

However, Kenda® offers a number of advantages in many regions across Australia and is widely seen as a safe option for most front and backyards.

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Kenda® Kikuyu — Beautiful All Year-Round

For a deep green lawn that maintains its colour and density throughout the year, including autumn and winter, Kenda® Kikuyu is an ideal choice.

Its uniform appearance and hard-wearing qualities have seen it used extensively in parks and sporting grounds – so it’s a match for active kids, large dogs and outdoor-loving families. Dense and soft underfoot, it provides an inviting lawn that looks and feels wonderful all year-round in most parts of Australia.

Kenda® Kikuyu suits a broad range of applications, such as:

  • Residential properties with sunny exposed front and backyards
  • High maintenance parks and sporting venues, including football fields
  • Family homes with kids and dogs that need a hard-wearing, fast-recovering lawn

At My Home Turf, we’re here to help Aussie homeowners make the right decisions about the turf varieties they choose for their home lawns. To find out more about Kenda® Kikuyu and its suitability for your lawn, contact your nearest Kenda® supplier.

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