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EMPIRE™ Zoysia – The lawn of the future

For a soft, easy-to-manage lawn turf that grows Australia-wide, it’s hard to go past EMPIRE™. This versatile turf variety features a fine leaf with strong wear tolerance, making it ideal for homes virtually anywhere, from Darwin to Hobart and Sydney to Perth.

EMPIRE™ Zoysia is one of the most drought-tolerant, water-efficient turf varieties available in Australia.

The key features of an EMPIRE™ lawn include:

• Excellent wear tolerance, which makes it perfect as a family home lawn
• Requires less mowing than many other commercial turf varieties in Australia
• A Zoysia variety, it offers outstanding water-efficiency and drought-tolerance

EMPIRE™ turf is well-suited to both open and moderately shaded environments, can withstand significant temperature drops and has a good colour throughout autumn and winter.

Because of its dense growth pattern, EMPIRE™ competes well against weeds. An EMPIRE™ lawn requires minimal maintenance to keep looking good all year round.

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EMPIRE™ turf — Perfect for Australian homes 

With its easy-to-maintain, water-efficient and wear-resistant qualities, EMPIRE™ really is an ideal turf variety for most Australian homes. Empire Zoysia is the perfect landscape grass and suits a wide range of applications, including:

• Residential lawns – Especially family homes with frequent foot traffic
• Properties in coastal areas – EMPIRE™ turf offers effective salt tolerance
• Ornamental gardens – Its attractive dark green colour makes it a popular choice
• Properties in tropical regions – EMPIRE™ turf thrives in heat and humidity

EMPIRE™ is one of our most popular turf varieties and a great choice for most Australian homes.

If you would like further information about EMPIRE™ – including its growing suitability in your area, turf sales and installations – contact your nearest EMPIRE™ supplier.

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